What makes website hosting in the Philippines so special?

With poor IT infrastructure, website hosting isn’t as easy in the Philippines as it is in most other countries.

Several companies offer low-cost hosting solutions, but you need to be careful regarding the reliability of those services.

In Europe or the US, people would expect a website to be online at least 99% of all time.
Sadly, in the Philippines, with low-cost providers, availability of your page is easily reduced to
less than 80% of the time which, in turn, will lose you, precious visitors and potential customers.
Also, low-cost providers don’t offer much of the flexibility you need for hosting your website, like
precise metrics, easy (and often) re-configuration when your business needs change and simple and secure access to your servers.

What are the Alternatives?

ContinuTech relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for website hosting.
AWS is a large-scale enterprise service offering hosting servers for all needs, from static website hosting, WordPress installations and ECommerce platforms to
resource-intensive BackOffice applications (for example inventory or employee management systems).

AWS services are highly cost-efficient as resources are only billed for when they’re being used, and based on the resources you need. Not more, not less than that.

How can ContinuTech help?

At ContinuTech, we offer to take care of the complete hosting package;
from registering and maintaining your domain name, setting up your server and administrating it,
always leaving you the space to do on your own, what you won’t want to have other people do for you.

Even if your website wasn’t built by us, contact us now to see how we can help you
get your website up and running in less time, with less stress on your side and with zero complications.

As always, let us know in the comments if you have questions, use our contact form or send us an email to sales (at) continutech (dot) com

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