ContinuTech launching its own SaaS in 2018
The main goal of ContinuTech is to strengthen your business. And with our customized web applications, make business easier for you (and save you some pennies as well!)

That’s why, starting 2018, ContinuTech will launch its own SaaS (Software as a Service) to help businesses of any size calculate and process their payrolls and ease human resources management.

How that will look like, we really can’t tell at this point. Even if we want to be as transparent as possible, we need to keep some secrets just until the right time comes).

Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of the features that will be available to you, no matter what size your company operates at:


  • Manage your employees including leave credits & performance tracking
  • Calculate Payrolls for all of your employees automatically; on time, within seconds
  • Generate Payslips for your employees in a matter of seconds
  • Send generated payslips to your employees via email with a single button click
  • Employee Portal where your employees can view any important documents (including payslips)
  • Pre-fill government accounting reports for agencies like BIR, DTI, etc.


Especially if your company grows bigger (and growing always means expanding further and further), it can become difficult to manage everything in the right place.

Intuitive and easy-to-learn employee management can help you expand quicker and ease the transition process your company will go through.

And no matter, if you have 5 or 500 employees, generating the monthly or bi-monthly payroll, will always be a cumbersome task.
The ContinuTech SaaS tries to ease the process by automating as much of it as possible:

  • Payrolls can be calculated within seconds and cross-checked by people you assign to it
  • Fill out government accounting reports for several agencies
  • Send out the payslips to your employees, all at once with a single button click

Target market

No matter if you’re a small startup, a medium sized corporation or a global heavyweight competitor, the ContinuTech payroll and employee management system will work just right for you.

Worried this might not be the case? Contact us to let us explain to you how this could work out in your specific case.


You have suggestions, you need a specific feature?
Let us know by sending us a mail to saas (at) continutech (dot) com


If you have any questions about our SaaS or you’d just like to talk to us about your new custom web application plans, feel free to contact us!

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