At a first glance, every website you browse always leaves an impression, you either want to visit again or you’re not encouraged to.

This is the reason we at ContinuTech shrewdly and meticulously design all our website projects to have a “love-at-first-sight” impression.

We thoroughly work on every web page, taking into consideration some basic factors, to make it as profitable as possible to your business.

I would endeavor to highlight below some of the basic things a website should have, so as to create a lasting satisfaction to your customers and bring in more profit to your business.

After reading through, I’m sure you’d come to see what a professional website should consist of.

1. Purpose

A good website should have a purpose for its creation.

It is important to note that anything done without a purpose usually ends in failure. This is not only true for websites; but for all aspects of our lives.

The purpose for creating a website will determine a whole lot of things about the website. It will determine the design, the content, the communication mode with users, the navigation, and so on.

Hence, the purpose must be well defined before creating it. I must also add that the purpose should be very specific as well, as this will help channel your website creation to a well-tailored end.

2. Clear Communication to Users

Upon accessing a website, the purpose of creating the website must be very clear to users.

Users should be able to identify with the same reason you created the website. Every click, every navigation, every page, every article and content should be able to show very clearly, the reason the website exists.

Users should not be thrown into confusion from using your website. They should be able to discern from every page if what you offer through your website is what they truly want.

The clarity of the purpose of a website is much more important than the design, the colors and the beauty which a website offers.

3. Usability And Accessibility

A website should be very usable and accessible.

By accessibility, I mean that a website should not be difficult to browse by any group of users.

A site should not always give popup notifications like: “Use this or that browser” or “Your device cannot support the content you are trying to view”, and so on.

A website should put into consideration, the vast number of different users, and their devices.

By usability, I mean a website should be able to provide the users with a simple interface. Users should be able to do easily what they came to a website to do.

If it’s an E-commerce website (one that facilitates buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over the internet) for example, users should be able to search; they should be able to find a well-arranged listing of products, and much more.

This must be done with order and simplicity.

4. Focused On The Users’ Need

A good website should not be about the creator at first but about the users.

They are the ones to access the website we create; therefore, they must be put into much consideration.

There should not be any distractions by how the website appears that one forgets the users need.

All things must be done to satisfy the users.

5. Navigation

This is also a very important thing to note in designing websites. The navigation must be very user-friendly.

Imagine visiting a site where you want to access something specific but you keep getting redirected to pages that are of no use to you. How frustrating would that be?

Navigation should be easy. Users should be able to switch between pages of interest easily, browse through different articles easily.

There should be links to very important information such as: “FAQs,” “most viewed,” “popular posts,” “most/top purchased product,” and so on.

A professional website should always make switching between pages easy and organized.

6. Appearance

The last thing I would talk about here is the appearance. This is also very important. You don’t want to have a website that looks like something used in the 19th century.

There should be a blend of colors and styles that is appealing. It is not all about the design anyway; but the design also determines how many potential customers get to like your site.

In building a professional website, these are basic things we consider to ensure your users and potential customers enjoy every time spent on your website and bring in good profit.

You can contact us at ContinuTech (or leave a comment below) to build a professional website for you that will bring in more customers and profit.

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